Wedding Belle

14 Aug

Weddings = expensive. You don’t need me to tell you that. I haven’t had a wedding myself but when talking to friends about the costs I am frequently horrified. Yesterday I went to the wedding of my lovely friend Zoe and she found a few ways to make it more affordable without feeling she’d missed out on all the things she wanted to make it a special day.

One tip I’m going to take away from it is get a taxi rather than hire a car. Everyone’s in the church/registry office/venue when the bride arrives so hardly anyone sees it anyway! But the real reason I’m writing about this here is that instead of paying a hairdresser and make-up artist, Zoe let me loose on her hair and face. Here are my tips if you want to save a few quid.

Firstly, decide if you want to do your own or you want to ask a friend to do it for you. I put make-up on every day and enjoy doing it so I might choose to do my own with some new products to make it feel special. You’re still spending money but you get to keep and use some nice new make-up after the big day.

Secondly, book yourself one or two appointments at make-up counters in department stores. Choose brands you might not normally go for as you could find a new product you wouldn’t have considered before. Take your friend with you and watch carefully as the make up artist applies the make-up. Don’t feel you need to buy everything they suggest but things like primer and a decent foundation or tinted moisturiser are worth spending a little extra on as they are more likely to last the day and evening.

Once you’ve worked out what look you want and have collected the products you need to do at least two trials. Zoe and I did one about three months before her wedding and a second three weeks before. Take photos and make notes when you’re happy with the look and most importantly – time it! We did Zoe’s look in two hours.

Zoe wanted a natural look because she doesn’t wear make-up on a day to day basis and with her pale colouring it would be easy to over do it. With some Laura Mercier primer, tinted moisturiser and loose powder her base was done easily and quickly. On her eyes I used eye make-up primer by Benefit, a pale beige all over her eyelid up to the brow, pale shimmery gold from L’Oreal over the lid and shaded the outside corners with a mid brown. I carefully smudged a brown eye pencil between her upper lashes and finished with a slick of mascara.

Done. Well as far as Zoe was concerned! I couldn’t resist some pale coral blusher and a shimmery highlight in a crescent shape from her brow bone to cheek bone, both from Benefit. Finally we added a natural shade of lipstick from Laura Mercier.

Initially we planned to leave her hair down with a soft wave. I applied Charles Worthington Blow Dry spray and combed through. I then blow dried a section at a time with a round brush and put each section into a bendy foam roller. After letting the hair cool and set I loosely teased it out with my fingers and added some serum and shine spray. This was at our first trial.

At the second trial, spur of the moment inspiration struck and after repeating the steps above, I gathered it up loosely with pins and clips and we had our look. Zoe bought some pearls and flowers on hair grips from Hair We Go that we added on the day to complement her jewellery.


And this is how she looked!


One Response to “Wedding Belle”

  1. Katie 14/08/2011 at 8:50 pm #

    The knot looks amazing in the back. You shouldn’t boast too much about your skills, Hannah, or I WILL be roping you in…

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