Wedding planning

15 Aug

As Hannah mentioned in her post about doing her friend’s hair and make-up, weddings are expensive.

I always thought that people were being silly when they talked about how much the average wedding costs in London (over £20,000 according to Martin Lewis), but when P and I started to put our budget together, it became apparent that there is a reason it costs so much. Things add up so quickly. If you just want to have a ceremony and then go to a pub or restaurant where people pay for themselves, then actually you could probably do it for very little, but as soon as you start paying for other people, the prices start to add up.

I am getting married in September next year.  There are some areas that I want to spend money on – having a venue that can seat our friends and family and having really good food with nice (not expensive) wine. We have managed to find somewhere that allows us to bring our own drink, which massively reduces that cost, but now we’re starting to think about other ways to save money.

Over the next year, I am going to be writing about some of the things you can do to save money for your wedding.  This won’t be about having your wedding on a Wednesday or doing a £1000 Holiday Inn Package (although those are both great ways to save money and there are loads more in the guide on MSE), but how you can make flowers go far, how to create your own wedding stationary for a fraction of the cost, and I’ll be testing out some of the ‘DIY’ ideas in the wedding magazines to see how feasible they really are. I’ve also noted Hannah’s hair and make-up skills – getting a friend who loves make-up to do yours is an easy win (as long as you trust they have a steady hand!).

I want my wedding to look amazing, be really fun for everyone who comes, and be a true celebration of how much I love P, but I also don’t want to bankrupt anyone in the process!  I’m really looking forward to finding little ways to save lots of money. Are there any areas you or your friends have found easy to save in when wedding planning? Let us know in the comments!


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