Save the Date

19 Aug

I always knew I wanted to create my own wedding stationary. I try to make cards whenever I can rather than spending £2.50 in Paperchase for something which is essentially a piece of card folded in two. But I did have a look at the costs for getting something store-bought, just in case.

The price for Save the Date cards decrease the more you buy, as you would expect. For the amount I wanted (60), the costs ranged from £0.65 per card up to around £1.50, although those costs don’t include envelopes (another £0.20 or so per card). So if I chose something at the lower end of the bracket at around £0.80 per card, and added the evelopes on, that would be £60 for 60 cards.

By doing them yourself, I will be honest, you’re not going to save a huge amount of money. I reckon I saved about £15 by designing and printing these myself – not nothing, but not hundreds either – but that’s £15 out of our budget that can go toward something else later on in the process – it all adds up!

But what I will say is that it was a) more fun (if you’re a nerd like me and enjoy fiddling around with free design software) and b) more personal. I didn’t like the look of ANY of the cards I saw in wedding magazines, so I looked at loads of cards on sites like Etsy. I found a few that I liked the look of, then I spent some time looking through brilliant free font website Da Font, before finally deciding on a look I wanted to go for.

Initially, I found some cute images of birds and added them on to our names. I liked how it looked but when asked what the birds mean, my answer ‘they were cute?’ somehow sounded a bit hollow.

Back to the drawing board. P and I used to play Scrabble at our local pub when we were dating (until they started charging £5 a pint!), so he had the idea of getting our initials on Scrabble tiles. I had a look online for high res Scrabble letters and Bingo! Our cards were born.

What do you think? I really love them, as does Peter.

Two tips for anyone who wants to design their own wedding invitations:

  1. Make sure you check that you are including all the relevant information on the card – we didn’t realise until after the printed copies arrived that we forgot to mention that the wedding will be in London!  Oops!
  2. Print out a very large copy to spell check it with. It is very difficult to see our one typo, so I’m hoping that no one will spot it (oh, except that I’m mentioning it here on a website), but apparently we are happy to wait over 18,000 years to find out if people are coming – there’s an extra 1 in 2011. Thankfully the font makes it easily missable…

We posted our cards last weekend and are eagerly awaiting responses. We are inviting a lot of people from overseas, hence adding an RSVP, which you normally wouldn’t add to a Save the Date card – another reason to personalise these and do them ourselves!

We put our e-mail addresses on there, but I’m hoping we’ll get some actual cards in the post in response. Sending these has made everything seem so real and very exciting! Fingers crossed that all of the friends and family we have invited can come and celebrate with us in London next year…

PS: For those of you who I love but haven’t had a Save the Date yet, rest assured you will be invited to the party, which is inevitably the most fun part! Those won’t go out until next year…


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