Clothing Alterations – 1

23 Aug

I have a pile of clothes marked under the category of ‘I’d wear it if…’. If it was a bit shorter, if that gather didn’t sit at the wrong point at my waist, if I liked the buttons, if I was a bit thinner etc. Most of the time there’s nothing you can do with the garment to solve the last one but often something can be done about the rest. Tiny adjustments can make a huge difference. As I finish each project I’ll post a quick blog and hopefully it will give some ideas of ways to alter clothes you haven’t worn for a while.

First up, a lovely butterfly blouse. It’s from Primark so didn’t cost me a fortune (in fact a kind friend gave me it so it didn’t cost me anything) but that’s no reason just to throw it away. My problem with it is that the elasticated waist sits slightly high on my body and tends to work itself up as I wear it so I’m constantly pulling it down.

The easy and simple solution is to remove the elastic with a stitch unpicker. Carefully find the elastic and pull from the stitching.

Pull all the way through the gathers and cut at the end. That’s it! It looks almost exactly the same but won’t bunch up and feels much more comfortable.


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