Tynemouth Market

24 Aug

Over the weekend I visited my fiance’s sister in Newcastle. Knowing about my love for having a poke around old market stalls, she took me along to Tynemouth, which has a lovely weekend market in the train station.

Having only really gone to these kinds of markets in London, which tend to be lovely but quite overpriced, it was wonderful to go to this market and find beautiful (and bizarre!) objects for affordable prices.

The market itself was huge, and there was a hugely varied amount of stuff on sale. From fresh fruit and veg and delicious cheese to vintage tea cups and tea pots to clothes to books to bric a brac, there was something for everyone.

These two stalls (above) were my favourite. I could have bought their entire stalls. The man (above, bottom) said that one woman did almost buy it all – she came and bought 10 triplets and several other items besides. Judging by their prices (in comparison to London), I reckon she bought it all in Tynemouth to sell down south!

After a good couple of hours of rummaging, I ended up buying: a large wooden box (perfect to take on a camping trip in Northumberland!?), some glass containers to hold cotton pads and cotton buds in my bathroom (you can see one of them on the left of the photo two above, which has my reflection in the mirror), a book to read over the rest of the long weekend, and a present for Hannah (and I’m sure she can guess, given the photos above, what it might be).

The box is lovely and is going to be a really beautiful piece of storage once I get it all finished off. It needs sanding, revarnishing and relining, so it will be a nice project for me to work on.

All in all, I spent around £25. In London, I think the same items would have cost me at least £50, if not more. The box on it’s own would have cost the best part of £30, despite the work needed, which is why I bought it when I saw it, even though it meant a bit of ‘excess luggage’ for the rest of our trip.

I suppose the moral of the story is: if you love vintage and want to decorate your flat along that theme, leave London! Obviously the price of the ticket to Tynemouth means it wouldn’t have been worth it JUST to go to the market, but if you are heading out of town to visit friends or family, make sure you stop in at the local market or boot sale – you might find some hidden gems to make it worth your while…


2 Responses to “Tynemouth Market”

  1. Hannah 24/08/2011 at 8:48 pm #

    So jealous! But looking forward to the small piece of it you brought back for me!


  1. Wooden valise project: the beginnings « - 26/08/2011

    […] the next couple of months, I am going to be doing up the wooden box that I bought in Tynemouth market last weekend. It cost me £10, which I think is really reasonable for something that has so much potential […]

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