Wooden valise project: the beginnings

26 Aug

The wooden valise/suitcase as it is now

Over the next couple of months, I am going to be doing up the wooden box that I bought in Tynemouth market last weekend. It cost me £10, which I think is really reasonable for something that has so much potential (especially as a quick search on eBay seems to suggest they sell for around £30 normally), and will also be quite useful in the end!

My plan is to use this as one part “pretty thing in the living room”, and one part storage for all the wedding stuff that is accumulating around the house.  Between the things I’m cutting out, the magazines, the spreadsheets… it is going to be great to have something I can use to tidy everything out of sight.

The box needs sanding and varnishing, re-lining, and a handle adding on. If you were very dedicated, I reckon this would only take about a day or two, but given my attention span and lack of spare time, I am giving myself a couple of months. I’ll work on it bit by bit and post updates about how it’s going on the blog.

The original suitcase locks

Some very tatty lining (& a free button!)

Tomorrow, it begins with sanding… Does anyone have any sanding tips? Apart from a door frame (where I didn’t need to be very delicate!), I have never really done any sanding before…


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