Newspaper nails

28 Aug

I saw this on Perri Lewis‘s fabulous craft blog and had to give it a try. The instructions actually come from Top Shop’s Inside Out blog
but I’ve seen it on other sites too. Top Shop recommend using surgical spirit which I used and worked a treat. I’ve seen other sites suggest rubbing alcohol or vodka. I haven’t tried them but have seen people comment that it doesn’t work as well.

Here’s what I did. Using the free grey nail polish from this month’s Elle magazine (I love their email newsletter and website by the way) I painted my nails as usual and waited for them to dry.

Then I cut out small pieces of newspaper text and poured surgical spirit into the cap of the bottle. I carefully dipped one nail at a time into the spirit and pressed a piece of newspaper onto the nail, holding it for a few seconds before peeling off, a bit like applying a temporary tattoo.  Add a top coat to seal it and voila!

I also tried transferring pictures but it wasn’t very successful. Of the four judges from X-Factor only Louis Walsh came out well!

PS My boyfriend told me I’m ‘too old’ for these nails but what does he know?!


2 Responses to “Newspaper nails”


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