Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair: Spitalfields

30 Aug

Over the bank holiday weekend I headed over to east London to visit Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair.

The entire of Old Spitalfields Market had been taken over by the fair, and bunting bedecked most of the stalls.

Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair

Often when going to markets in London, ‘vintage’ translates as very expensive. Certainly within Spitalfields there are a couple of established shops which I absolutely LOVE, but which are outrageously pricey. So it was refreshing to go to a market which has affordability as part of its USP.

The items on show at this fair were all much more reasonably priced than I had expected. There were a few pieces of furniture which I would have snapped up if my wallet wasn’t already completely empty. In particular, I loved this telephone table and the bar below.

Telephone table


The telephone table was from A Pencil Full of Lead, which has loads of wonderful stuff on their website – definitely worth checking out if you like 1950s/1960s style pieces.

The vintage clothing all looked lovely, but I would have preferred to have more furniture and bric-a-brac.  I was also a little disappointed not to find better quality costume jewellery. I’m looking for a vintage “diamond” necklace to wear for my wedding, but didn’t find anything that suitable at the fair…

Photographs and jewellery

That said, there were so many lovely stalls and it was a really fun morning, browsing around, looking at old photographs and maps and getting inspired by some of the old furniture designs and some of the other people there.

Although there was a lot of general tat, as you get at most markets, a lot of it was really nice – good quality, pretty things, and at good prices.  There are more fairs coming up across the country, and if this is your kind of thing, I would definitely recommend going.

Find out more about Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fairs (and you can follow her on Twitter here).

For lots more photos of the day, visit their Facebook page.


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