Fin and Flounder / Banhmi11 Supperclub

3 Sep

It was reported last month that the average cost for a meal for two in London is now a staggering £90.00. Now I know the real money saving approach would be to cook delicious things at home and I do, but there’s nothing more I love than treating myself to some great food and wine, cooked and served by someone else in an amazing environment. But to be honest, great food and an amazing atmosphere are sadly not guaranteed at your average establishment…

Luckily there is another way. A couple of weeks ago I went to a supper club organised by my local fishmonger Fin and Flounder, in collaboration with the girls from Banhmi11 who serve up incredibly addictive Vietnamese sandwiches every Saturday on Broadway market. I decided to take my dear Mother who is also quite partial to good food and a glass of wine, so together we showed up at F Cooke Pie and Mash shop for what turned out to be a great evening. The shop looked stunning decking with flowers and candles, and the food – all seven courses – was absolutely fantastic. The Squid Pops and Nems were particular highlights but everything tasted vibrant and fresh, and best of all it had the personal ‘home made’ quality of food made for a special occasion which you just don’t get in restaurants.  As well as the great food, I loved how convivial and laid back it felt – we soon got chatting to the fellow diners on our table (Julie from City Caphe and her family) – I can definitely see why this kind of dining experience is as popular as it is.

Tickets cost £30 a head for seven courses, and wine is bring your own. At £60 for two it’s not budget – but eating out is a treat and it felt like a real bargain for a unique opportunity to try amazing produce in the company of interesting people all whilst supporting local shops and traders.

Fin and Flounder hosts supperclubs every two weeks, with guest chefs once a month. @finandflounder. Banhmi11 are on Broadway Market every Saturday @banhmi11.

Photos (c)  Tabitha Hsi for Banhmi11


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