Everyday inspiration

15 Sep

I have been meaning to make some new cards for weeks now. The stash of homemade cards I have in my bedroom has gradually been whittled down further and further to the point where there are only one or two left. I really resent spending £2.50 or more on a card when I know that I can make them myself. You can buy 100 cream cards (with envelopes) from Amazon for around £9, so assuming a card costs £2.50, you need to make less than four cards to have the pack pay for itself.  That’s kind of a no brainer, isn’t it?

Plus, handmade cards can feel nicer. Sometimes I make personal cards which are specifically made for the person, but even just having some pretty blank cards you have made yourself can still feel special. I made some cards last year using some hipstamatic photos from my iPhone – I printed them out in colour and then used a sticker maker to adhere them to the card (although you could just use a bit of old fashioned pritt stick!).  They were really quick, really easy, and people always seem to like them.

Today, inspired by the vase I inherited from my grandmother, I decided to pick up my paintbrush and do a little bit of watercolour.

My favourite vase

First I filled in the outline I had drawn with plain water from my paintbrush. Then I only needed to use a tiny bit of blue paint to fill in the body of the owl. If you’re worried about sticking inside the lines, then this might not be the best technique for you, but I happen to like the feathery edges that it gives you so for me it works just fine.

Feathery paint jobs add character, right?

Once the paint had dried, I then drew the lines in thin marker and did a little bit of colouring in and drew on some owlish detail.

Ah, really, nothing beats colouring in for a relaxing Sunday afternoon activity. Kids have the right idea.

I had enough for two owls using my tiny dab of paint, and with the remainder on my brush I created this abstract card, which I quite like too.

A slightly more portly fellow

Very blue

So – five minutes, three cards, £7.50 saved.

Do you make your own cards? Where do you get your inspiration?


One Response to “Everyday inspiration”

  1. Hannah 17/09/2011 at 9:44 am #

    I’ve ordered the cards you recommend, just have to work out what my inspiration is…

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