Furniture Upcycling part 1

27 Sep


I’m sure many of us have inherited pieces of furniture that don’t quite fit with our decor or have wanted a new look in our homes but can’t afford to throw everything out and start again. With a bit of inspiration and a few coats of paint it’s actually very easy to bring it all together and make cheap pieces look more expensive or old fashioned pieces look new.

When I came to sell my first home I knew the jumble of colours, styles and shapes weren’t going to help it’s saleability. Pine drawers from my childhood bedroom, mahogany coloured side table from a charity shop, bare wood framed mirrors bought in a warehouse outlet and black shelves left by the previous owners. The quick answer was to paint them all the same shade of cream. These shelves are about £25 from a DIY store and were a staple of all student houses when I was at university but with a coat of paint I’m happy to still have them in my home. And with some fairy lights at the back they actually look rather pretty.

The same goes for these mirrors which were bare pine and cost £15 and £20 respectively. I much prefer them now.


And this once mahogany coffee table bought by my sister for her university house for £5 in a charity shop. (This table used to have a lovely piece of beveled glass in the top which I broke in my last house move. A plain piece is doing the job until I can get a new one made.)


But there’s much more you can do than just paint. In my next post I’ll be showing you how to transform a chest of drawers.


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