Wine, cheese and hand puppets

28 Sep

This weekend, I travelled to France with one of my oldest friends, Aline, and her two close friends. The ‘real’ reason for the journey was to carry suitcases of her clothes to her mum’s house in France, as Aline is moving to Zambia for two years in October. However, we all knew the real real reason was to have an excuse for drinking wine and eating cheese.

What does one do of an evening while eating wine and drinking cheese? The obvious answer? Play board games or cards. We had none of these. The second most obvious answer? Make hand puppets of yourself for your friend to take to Africa so that she doesn’t get lonely.

What a brilliant idea. We all brought along scissors, fabric, buttons, and thread, and one girl brought a metre or so of felt. Each evening, we sat around, drank copious amounts of wine, and sewed beautiful dresses for our mini-me’s.

Making hand puppets is ridiculously easy. First cut out a person shaped blob that fits your hand.

Then stitch its sides together and cut out some fabric to go over it as a dress. After her clothes, I added a face and some hair on to my doll.

We had a lot of time and a lot of wine, so we ended up adding all sorts of embelleshments. I embroidered on some glasses, Sophie gave herself some cleavage, Aline some earrings, and George ended up making finger puppets of her cats. I decided that my hand puppet had no neck so had to perform some very careful neck surgery.

In the end I think it was quite a good likeness!

I know it sounds silly, but the four of us had a brilliant time making these. The puppets were cheap, easy, and absolutely loads of fun. We have made Aline promise to take the dolls around Africa with her, and take photographs of them wherever she goes. Whether this will come to pass, I don’t know, but I like the idea of a puppet version of myself visiting countries I have never been to. And as cheesy as it might be, I think Aline will look at these strange creatures are remember how much she is loved by her friends in London. Good luck Aline!


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