Clothing and Christmas swap party!

30 Sep

It looks like I will be moving house (again!) soon, and somehow, despite only being in my current flat for six months, I have already accumulated lots of things which I never wear or use. There are the jeans that still don’t fit me, the spotty skirt I don’t think suits me anymore, some work shirts and some t-shirts – and that’s just what I can remember while sitting in the office! Everyone has these items in their cupboard – lovely things which for one reason or another just aren’t getting worn.

So, Hannah and I thought it might be time to host a clothing and Christmas swap party.

If you would like to come, just RSVP to the event on Facebook, and make sure you invite your friends! We have hired a room in a lovely pub in south London, so hopefully there should be lots of room.  We are having the event on October 29th.

Please bring along any clothes and accessories you love but which you no longer wear and you think could be loved more by someone else.

ALSO (this is where the ‘Christmas’ part comes in), if you have been given a gift which you think is just not right for you, but might be right for someone else (either to keep or to ‘regift’), then bring those along too! You might make someone else’s Christmas shopping just that little bit easier…

If you are coming along, leave a comment or drop us a line on Twitter – it would be great to meet some of you in person!


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