West Norwood Feast

6 Oct

On Sunday my mum and I caught the bus down to West Norwood, to visit the West Norwood Feast. The Feast has only been running for around six months (it began in April this year), but is already proving hugely popular. The market is held on the first Sunday of every month.

The market is divided into four different sections – gardening, artisan, food and retro. Each section is about a 5 minute walk from the other, meaning that as well as seeing lots of great stalls, you also wander around West Norwood a little bit. I spoke to one of the organisers, and she said that was part of the design. As well as bringing lots of people down to that part of town, the market should also bring business to the local shops. A couple of the cafs in particular seemed to be doing a booming trade.

The market itself is lovely. There were so many things in each of the four sections that I wanted to buy. In the end I walked away with a LOVELY little Christmas present for my god-daughter, some green seasoning for my fiance’s best friend (we had just been talking about this essential Caribbean cooking ingredient the night before), and my mum picked up some amazing little cakes. This mini cake shop was absolutely amazing – I wish they had an online store so you could read their mission statement, but it looks like there’s just a holding page at the moment.

The retro section also lots of lovely bits – old Ladybird books (including these amazing books about the Di & Charles royal wedding, below), really nice vintage shoes, and a couple of pieces I didn’t really like the style of, but which had amazing fabric – I was very tempted to buy them just to rip them up!  There were also a couple of nice bric-a-brac and furniture stalls.

In addition to the market, there is also a gallery that is involved in the festival – the Portico Gallery had several beautiful paintings I would have loved to own had I had a few hundred pounds going spare! Tina Mammoser in particular had really evocative paintings of pure colour, but bringing to mind mist and fog and early morning light. Gorgeous.

The next market in on the first Sunday in November, so if you’re in South London, it’s definitely worth making a trip! Also, if you’re a creative sort and are interested in running a workshop, they are always looking for new people to get involved. Their e-mail address is hello (at) westnorwoodfeast (dot) com.


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