How to Reupholster a Dining Chair

9 Oct

These dining chairs have been in my family for over forty years. They belonged to my mother who stripped them all of their dark varnish and stained them this blonde colour. She handed them over to me about ten years ago and I’ve changed the seat fabric three times to suit different decor and when they’ve got worn and dirty. I’ve been lucky that mum did all the hard work on the wooden part of the chair but here’s how to reupholster the seat pad.

Pop the seat out of the chair and rip off all the old fabric and stuffing. I bought a foam pad from a shop in Clapham Junction and trimmed it to the size and shape of the seat. Cut out your piece of fabric with enough of a border to fit tightly round the chair. Use fabric suitable for upholstering and ideally dark in colour otherwise it’ll just get dirty really quickly. Lay them on a flat surface – fabric – foam then seat on top.

With a sturdy staple gun fold and staple the fabric round the chair seat. Pull it tight but not so much that it deforms the foam pad.

When you’ve stapled all round, turn it over and check there are no unsightly lumps or bumps. Then put it back in the chair frame.


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