Ideas for craft projects

11 Oct

Do you use Pinterest? I absolutely love it and am quite obsessed about logging in to see what other people are seeing around the internet.

Some of the craft projects that have caught my eye lately are:

You take a photo that you love into Photoshop, pixelate it so that you have huge blocks of colour, then basically paint by numbers to create a really unique painting for your wall. I love this idea! (via Wit and Whistle)

Create envelopes using Google maps – the route plots the route between you and the person you are sending your letter to! (via Incredible Things)

I am seriously considering doing this cute spray painted bottle idea for my wedding centrepieces – so cute! (via the Colourful Living Project)

And finally, I absolutely must, must visit this paper store in Southampton Row. The papers look AMAZING. Wow. What an inspiring place. Have you been?

What craft projects have been inspiring you lately?


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