Handmade greeting cards

14 Oct


Inspired by Katie making her own cards and by my bedside table stencils I have made a set of stenciled cards and I’m really enjoying doing it. Packets will be on sale at the Clothes Swap in The Railway, Clapham North on 29 October. Top tips when stencilling are:

1. get the correct brushes – you can buy stencilling brushes from any art or DIY shop

2. Don’t overload the brush with paint. Dab it first on your palatte or a bit of tissue to remove the excess. To much paint produces a splodge instead of delicate pattern.

3. Use the correct paint. I’ve been using acrylics but you can also buy stencilling paint.

4. Build up layers slowly.


Humming Bird


Butterflies and Buddleia


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    […] by Hannah’s stencilling earlier this week, as well as a beautiful collage stencil I spotted on Pinterest, I decided to create a bird stencil […]

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