Handmade greeting cards

17 Oct

Inspired by Hannah’s stencilling earlier this week, as well as a beautiful collage stencil I spotted on Pinterest, I decided to create a bird stencil to create some more cards.

I drew the bird out using a pencil, then very slowly cut the bird out using a craft knife.

Then I tested out three different methods – first using paint and a paintbrush, then (after a trip to B&Q!), spraypaint, and finally using glue and glitter. I almost knocked myself out with the spraypaint fumes so highly recommend doing this outdoors if you have any outdoor space!

Hannah and I are going to be bringing some cards to sell at the Shoestring Splendour Swap Party in The Railway, Clapham North on 29th October – we hope you can make it! As well as the cards and some cakes, there will be an opportunity to swap your clothes for someone else’s pre-loved goodies ! You can RSVP on Facebook, drop us an e-mail or send us a message on Twitter to let us know you are coming!


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    […] Bird stencilling (inspired by this and Hannah’s card post, I created some bird-on-a-branch cards and blogged about it earlier this week). […]

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