Reupholstering a small armchair

27 Oct

I found this chair at the tip in my old home town about 10 years ago where I paid £5 for it. I handed it over to my mother who helped me restuff and reupholster it the first time but earlier this year I decided it was time for another refresh.

I unscrewed the seat from the frame and stripped off the fabric. Originally this frame was stained black but I stripped, sanded and painted it the first time round and that didn’t really need doing again this time.

So turning to the chair seat I cut pieces of fabric the same size as the ones I removed, working with the pattern to ensure it was symmetrical.

With a heavy duty stapler attach the fabric to the chair frame, pulling the fabric firmly but not too tightly around it. Fold and pleat the material at the corners and don’t worry too much about left over fabric because it won’t be seen after the back is fixed on. For the back staple the fabric on the wrong side at the top and then fold it down. To get a really neat edge on the curve of the back I cut a piece of cardboard to the correct shape and used it inside the curve to give shape to the material. When it gets to the point where you can’t staple on the wrong side anymore it’s time for careful hand sewing.

Screw the chair seat back into the frame and it’s all finished.


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