Ideas for craft projects

14 Nov

Some of the ideas I’ve been pinning over the last couple of weeks:

DIY globe garlands – how cute would these be with some fairy lights in them as well?  Via Poppytalk

Gold Toe Flats – SO simple and what a great way to refresh any old flats you have lying about. Via Say Yes to Hoboken

40 amazing edible gifts (how good does the Peppermint Hot Fudge sound!?) from The Kitchn

Wine bottle light – P and I started making this on Sunday, but it turned out the drill bit we hadn’t wasn’t that good for glass so we have ordered the new piece and I’ll write another blog about this soon. Via Wit and Whistle

Another map-related idea (P likes a good map so am on the look out for mappish presents) – we met, we married, we live – so sweet! Via Minimoz

Have you seen any great craft projects lately? I would love to do a Christmas craft round-up for decorating the house and Christmas tree… Post your ideas in the comments!


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