Decorating the Christmas tree: inspiration

18 Nov

Today I went along to the Christmas shop at Liberty, in central London. I’ve been meaning to go for a while, as @liberty_fairy, the twitter account they have set up to give Christmas present recommendations, gave me a very good recommendation for one of my cousins. Perusing their website, I also found something in their home store which I wanted to pick up for another cousin. So today, I decided to go and pick up the presents. Somehow I ended up on the 4th floor, where they have set up their temporary Christmas store. It is AMAZING.

Endless, colour coordinated Christmas baubles

A small selection of the white and silver baubles

Christmas is coming!

I’m afraid the pictures I took aren’t great, but hopefully you get a sense of the size of it. There were hundreds and hundreds (possibly thousands) of different Christmas tree decorations, as well as games, books, and great stocking stuffers. This year will be the first year P and I are decorating our own tree, so my walk around the shop was massively inspiring. So many gorgeous designs! I am planning to make some of my own decorations this year, and I found a few things I thought I could make (photos and tutorials to come, if they work out!).

What do you do for Christmas decor? Do you buy stuff in or make it yourself? Do you have any great DIY tutorials you would like to share?


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