Champagne lighting

19 Nov

It was almost a year ago that I spotted this tutorial on the Wit and Whistle website. I loved the look of it and thought it was such a pretty idea. Eventually P and I want to have four of these lights, each made with a ‘special’ bottle of champagne. For the first one, which we just made, we used a bottle of Mumm that we drank last Christmas. It was our first ‘Christmas’ together (we celebrated a few days before as I was flying out to see my family on the 23rd) and it was absolutely wonderful. The next one we make will be with the bottle of (delicious) Cornish Camel Valley champagne we drank when we moved in together.

There’s a great guide on how to create the lights on the W&W blog, so I won’t write out a step by step break down of how to do this (although there are lots of pics below!) but from my perspective, the things that I would say you need to note are:

  1. The drilling takes a hella long time. Be patient.
  2. Don’t go too fast at first, as you can crack the glass.
  3. Brace the bottle in a big open hardback book (we used the Collins Complete DIY Manual) to keep it steady, as especially toward the end the bottle and drill get a bit wobbly.
  4. If you’re having trouble ‘breaking through’ the glass, use a metal drillbit toward the end. It worked really well for us.
  5. Make sure you remember (we didn’t) to remove any of the stickers you don’t want BEFORE you start drilling.

Tools and protection

Masking tape helps keep it steady

I am officially no longer scared of drilling

Ready for the lights!

And then… ta da!


We’ll hopefully be cracking the next bottle open in December, when we move into our brand new flat together!


2 Responses to “Champagne lighting”

  1. the_travelling_trini 22/11/2011 at 12:05 am #

    Wow, now that is an interesting idea! I’ve never used a drill in my life, never imagined even using one to bore through a bottle. Brilliant!


  1. Top Tip: Removing gluey residue from glass bottles « - 03/12/2011

    […] I have found with the various glass bottle projects I have wanted to try (or have tried, like these champagne lights) is that the paper on the bottles can be incredibly difficult to remove. The label itself is […]

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