How do you organise your crafts?

23 Nov

Over the past year or so, my small black bag of supplies has expanded and expanded. For my birthday this year, my old flatmate bought me a wonderful sewing box, so (most of) my sewing kit is all organised, but everything else just gets thrown into a drawer. I did have a go at arranging everything into another sewing box and I even bought a big tool box to put everything into, but it just isn’t enough!



Quite frankly, it’s not that much more organised, but I suppose there is less chance of my slicing my finger off on a rogue stanley knife.

I remember when I heard that Candy Spelling (ie Tori Spelling’s mum) had a whole room dedicated to wrapping presents, I thought she was a crazy lady. Now I can see where she’s coming from. It now makes sense. If I had a mansion, I might have a present-wrapping room too. Sadly I don’t, and I can’t see that I’ll ever have a dedicated craft room, but I might install a ‘craft desk’ at my new flat, and so I have been ogling some craft rooms on Pinterest…

Via Pinterest (can’t find an original source, but it looks very Martha). This actually looks quite doable as it is a ‘behind the door’ storage solution usually used in kitchens. So this is definitely worth investigating (but would still struggle to fit my crap).

Via Houzz. Yes I have pinned a room dedicated to wrapping paper. It is wrong. But also. I want.

Really pretty, but definitely not adequate for my overspillage. Via Country Home

If I had a lot of space and a big wide table, maybe I would actually use my sewing machine more! Via Apartment Therapy

Via Nest of Posies. Her craft room is amazing and completely done herself – really impressive!

Oh my, and then there is this. Jeaaaalous.

How do you organise your crafts? Do you have your own amazing space or share or are you fitting in whatever you have wherever you fit it? I would love to know what you do with your stuff – hopefully it could help me find a solution!


3 Responses to “How do you organise your crafts?”

  1. lovelysewnsew 23/11/2011 at 12:13 pm #

    I am positively drooling over those crafty rooms. My crafty supplies are on a bookcase and hidden behind the doors of a dresser. I dream of having everything to hand but at the same time have everything looking neat and tidy.

    • Katie 23/11/2011 at 3:09 pm #

      Me too! We had a great suggestion over on our Facebook page – using a fishing tackle box for supplies!


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    […] have written about my organisation obsession before, but somehow it never seems to make it in to practice. Well, this is a late new year’s […]

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