Silversmith Class at the Papered Parlour

29 Nov

A couple of weeks ago I went to The Papered Parlour in Clapham for their silver ring making course which my lovely boyfriend bought me as a birthday present. They do a range of courses including sewing, printmaking and silversmith courses. Each one is a specific project so that you take away a complete item that you’ve made yourself at the end of the day. Oh and you get cake and tea to keep you going!

There were, I think, nine people on the 5 hour course taught by Jenny Gray, with lots of help from Lara who was looking after us for the afternoon. The ratio of teacher to students was just right and the atmosphere was relaxed.  After a run through of the basics and a guide to the tools we would be using, we were off. The most difficult things for me were measuring the length of silver needed to make a ring the right size and choosing which design I wanted to make. We started off by making a simple band. First we learned the techniques for sawing, bending and soldering it into shape and then the more painstaking work of filing and sanding the join to make it disappear as much as possible. Everyone was so involved in their projects that it was hard making everyone stop for tea and cake but luckily we did, as the cake from Cake Sisters was delicious.

Once I’d got mine to a decent standard I became a bit ambitious and an idea for the overall design of three bands soldered together started to take shape. Two thin bands on either side of a thicker one. With a good bit of help from Lara and Jenny I managed it but we slightly ran out of time. I loved the class and would definitely recommend it the only annoying thing is that now I’ve got the ring home it feels a bit small. I knew the measuring bit would be my downfall!

We were shown loads of different techniques so everyone made something completely different. You can see more photos on The Papered Parlour’s Facebook page.


One Response to “Silversmith Class at the Papered Parlour”

  1. Hannah 17/01/2012 at 3:45 pm #

    Quick update: The lovely people at The Papered Parlour let me pop in today to quickly borrow their tools to alter my ring and now it fits perfectly!

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