Homemade Advent Calendars

30 Nov

Tomorrow is the first of December, but if you’re interested in making a homemade advent calendar this year, there is still time!

I bought my god-daughter a wooden advent calendar last year, so this year I just needed to fill it up. Alice is only just a year and ten months, so I didn’t want to spend a fortune. However, I also couldn’t just fill it with chocolate, because she’s still little. Instead, I picked up a fantastic sticker book and an adorable ‘touchy feely‘ book from a stall at the South Lambeth Market. The sticker book has hundreds of Christmassy stickers, so I carefully pulled these out and divided them up, so that on one day she will get the book plus one set of stickers, and throughout December she’ll get more. I also included cashew nuts, a few chocolate coins and some hand-drawn or embroidered pictures.

I then wrapped them all up using brown paper (my wrapping of choice this year). For items that won’t fit in the drawers, there are numbers which go into the drawers, with symbols on the back linking to one of the presents (eg: number 2 has a 2 on the front and a Christmas tree on the back, linking to the big present with a Christmas tree on the front!).  Hopefully her mum will find it easy to fill and Alice will find the presents fun to unwrap and enjoy!

If you want some more inspiration, Babble have a great round up of advent calendars on their blog, and my favourites are all below.

From Casa Trend
From Casa Trend

From Boudie and Fou

From Living at Home

From Living at Home

Have you ever made your own advent calendar?  What did you fill it with? Ideas and suggestions below!

2 Responses to “Homemade Advent Calendars”

  1. sarahsbest 30/11/2011 at 10:49 am #

    Love these! Reminds me very much of the silly packaging that the Dutch get up to on Sinterklaas (Dutch Christmas on December 5th!)

    If you’re looking for new, creative ideas for gifts under the tree, might I suggest http://sarahsbest.wordpress.com – I’ve put together some Best. Gift. Ever. ideas for the whole family 🙂


  1. Christmas present wrapping ideas « - 06/12/2011

    […] year, as you will already have seen from my advent calendar post, everything is getting wrapped up in brown paper, with pretty ribbons and tape to make the […]

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