Christmas present wrapping ideas

6 Dec

This year, as you will already have seen from my advent calendar post, everything is getting wrapped up in brown paper, with pretty ribbons and tape to make the decorations. Brown paper is very inexpensive and easily tarted up, and there’s something so nice about opening things wrapped up in it.

I have just wrapped the first lot of Christmas presents to take over to my aunt’s house today, and I’m really pleased with how they turned out.  I bought some brilliant tape from the East London Design Show (from textile artist Zeena, who I think I also saw at the Papered Parlour Open Studios earlier in the year) and that just looks gorgeous on the brown paper.

I'm feeling very festive after all this wrapping!

It seems as though I’m not the only one who feels that way – there are loads of inspiring wrapping pictures of Pinterest. Some of my favourites include…

Monogrammed wrapping from Callaloo Soup

Great paper snowflakes from How About Orange

Silver and yellow highlights from Decor8

Some great DIY decorations from A Pair or Pears

How are you wrapping up your gifts this year?

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  1. East London Design Show « - 08/12/2011

    […] worth a mention: Heart Zeena had some great Christmas tape, which I bought (and have already used here), Goodwin & Goodwin‘s letter holders were brilliant and I was seriously tempted to buy […]

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