Kindle Covers

12 Dec

I got a Kindle for my birthday a few months ago and I am really enjoying having it. It won’t replace real books for me completely but it’s very useful for work and for reading on the go. But I don’t have a cover and don’t want to damage it so I decided to have a go at making one with the apple fabric I used for my washing line cover.

You will need:

Some stiff card

Some padding or wadding. I used an old towel.

Sewing machine


First draw around the Kindle on the card and cut two pieces. Wrap a piece of wadding around each piece of card and glue it on.

Take two pieces of fabric and sew them together inside out leaving one of the long edges free to insert the card.Trim the corners and turn the right way round. Slide the card into the pocket.

Trim the excess fabric away at the corners

Now you have the front and back pieces. Cut another piece of fabric and measure and draw out the pieces you want to remove so you can see the screen and work the keys on the reverse. Carefully cut out and sew onto the back piece making sure you leave enough slack to create the pocket in which the Kindle will go.

Finally sew the front and back pieces together with the rough edges together so that they will be inside when you fold the cover in half. I’m calling this a prototype as there are some alterations I’d like to make but I’m pretty happy for my first attempt.

Here are some Kindle covers I found that inspired me.



Oh My Cake


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