A big move

28 Dec

I know there has been quite a lack of posting by me on the blog (thanks Hannah for keeping it going!). But there is a good reason – I moved house just a few days before Christmas!

My fiance and I were given notice by our landlady in August, as she decided to put the flat we were living in on to the market. We had planned to save for another six months  before attempting to find somewhere to buy, but fate wanted us to move out earlier so we begged, borrowed and stole as much money as we could from the bank and our families (ok, we only begged and borrowed), found somewhere, and, toward the middle of December, bought a flat!

That sounds easy. I promise it was not. But the stressful details of getting a mortgage and calculating to the penny how much money we would need to buy the place, do some work to it and buy furniture, and how long it will take to pay everyone back are too boring to write about.

However, I will say that this is definitely a project that will need some Shoestring Splendour – we are doing almost all of the work ourselves (we have spent the last few days removing old skirting boards and laying new flooring!). Our new flat has been a rental flat for a long time, and the condition is unloved, to put it mildly. As we do projects around the house, I’ll post about them on the site, so that you can see the progress and hopefully give me some ideas about what to do next!

Here are a few photos of the house ‘before’ to give you something to compare the later photos to…

The kitchen:

The living room:

The fireplace:

The main bedroom (mid-taking down the built in wardrobe)

The spare room/ TV room:

The photos don’t really show this, but the floor in the flat is Really Really Gross. The carpet is completely flattened from years of use, and dirty, and stained. So step one is definitely replacing the floor. We have started with some high-tech underlay and wood laminate flooring. We’re also going to be painting the fireplace and maybe the kitchen cupboards too.

What do you think? Any ideas strike you of how we could make the place look amazing while spending very little money?


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