Upcycling a fireplace surround

10 Jan

There is a lot of work to do in our new flat, some of which we are doing ourselves (painting, laying new flooring, replacing the skirting boards) and some of which we need a builder’s skills to do (taking down walls, fixing the creaky stairs, evening out the flooring in the very wonky bedroom).

One thing we did almost straight away, which instantly lifts the room, is to paint the fireplace surround.

The existing fireplace surround is fine, but with wooden flooring throughout this room, it could quickly start to feel a bit heavy. We talked about replacing it, and buying a white one with a bit more detailing, but in the end we realised that we could easily just paint it white.

A quick lick of primer and two coats later, it looks transformed!  A very different look at a minimal cost.


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