Quick refresh: Kitchen Cupboards

12 Jan

After the success of my fireplace upcycling, I decided to have a go at painting our kitchen cupboards.

Why would anyone choose grey kitchen cabinets? Of all the colours!? Grey!?

Eventually, the plan is to buy a new kitchen, but it might take us some time to save up the money to do this (especially as the windows need to be repaired, which is slightly more urgent). So I took one of the handles to IKEA, so that I could get some slightly less naff looking replacements, and gave it a quick paint job.

Because the units aren’t wood (they were MDF with a laminate face), I was worried that the paint wouldn’t stick to it. I used the same primer and white paint colour I had for the fireplace, but it did require one additional coat of paint to make the surface appear even.  But the units are small and the paint dries quickly, so I was able to completely transform the kitchen using primer, 3 coats of paint and a few hours of work (in total the painting took me two days to allow for drying time).

The handles were around £3 for two, and we spent around £15 in total. The paint we already had from some other work we are doing, and despite the 3 coats, we used quite a small amount. Bargain!


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