Wedding invitation inspiration

17 Jan

Last year I blogged about putting together the save-the-date cards for my wedding using free photo editing software and images sourced from license free websites. I loved our Scrabble based cards, even if they did have completely the wrong date on them (luckily no one thought I wanted to get an RSVP from them in 20111).

This month I am starting to think about the invitations themselves.  I am thinking of having a bit of A3, folded in half, then into four, so it folds out and out with more information and pretty pictures on each part (can you imagine that or is that description really confusing? I know what I mean!). I have also been scouring Pinterest for inspiration. There are so many great ideas out there!

How cute is this!? via Style Me Pretty

I love the map on this invite from Suann Song. However, although I love the look of lots of individual postcard sized papers, I worry that people would lose them (what I would do)

Oh Martha. I love you. These are wedding programmes, but what a great invite idea.

Unlike the save-the-dates, which can be really basic and straightforward, the invite needs to have a lot more information on it – hotel suggestions, maps, gift list information (v important, that one!).  But how do you fit all that information on to one invite? A lot of people swear by wedding websites (which are easy and free to create), but I’m still not convinced. What do you think?


2 Responses to “Wedding invitation inspiration”

  1. Martine 17/01/2012 at 2:44 pm #

    Hi Katie,
    Thought I’d just chip in with my experience on our wedding invitations. I didn’t want to have a lot of printed text on our invitations, so
    we had a folded card with only the basic information on the inside (time and date of the ceremony and party). Then my brother – who was our master of ceremonies (do you have that in the uk?) added a letter to the invitations with more detailed information such as directions, hotel suggestions, gift suggestions and dress code. This way we didn’t have to clutter up our really nice invitations, and as an added bonus my brother was able to put in some information that was a surprise to us until the wedding day. He used the same font and colour paper as we had for our invitations. I really loved our invitations, Robin used adobe imager to create our initials made up of little pictograms that said something about us. We kept on using these throughout the day on the place cards, party favours, etc. I’ll send you a picture if you like?

    • Katie 17/01/2012 at 3:00 pm #

      Hi Martine – that would be lovely, please do!

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