Making organic soap

21 Jan

Making your own soap from scratch is possible but very complicated. To get me started I got a soap making kit for Christmas so I gave it a go during my week off last week. The kit makes it incredibly easy, you just melt the soap supplied in the kit and add the different seeds and scent that are also in the kit.

Pour into the moulds provided, leave to set in the fridge and they’re ready. This kit came with a lemon scent and three types of seeds but the more exciting bit is thinking what else you could add. When I make the next lot I’m going to add dried lavender flowers and oil and try some with orange peel and crushed cloves. The kit also suggests adding oats to create an exfoliating soap.

So easy and they will make great gifts but I will still look into making my own from scratch another time.


One Response to “Making organic soap”

  1. steven chasan 26/01/2012 at 7:19 pm #

    Liquid soap is a little more difficult. My family has been making liquid soap for over 100 years. We have brought back the soap that my grandpa used to make with a modern twist the results is called ecosoapia and it has won several awards

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