Book review: Domino Book of Decorating

26 Jan

Domino was a magazine published in the US until 2009. I never saw a copy, but I heard some many great things about it that I asked for their book, the Domino Book of Decorating as a Christmas present (thanks Frances!).

So what’s it like? Great! I wish their magazine was still being published (and available here in the UK) as it strikes me that the book is so much more accessible than some of the home decor magazines that I have been buying of late, which seem to fall into either the slightly townie Ideal Home bracket or the mega pricey Elle Decor bracket.

I love their advice to assess your stuff – so rather than thinking that what you have isn’t going to work in your room, think about what opportunities there are with existing things – could you repaint or reupholster rather than have to buy something new? And their advice about getting rid of things. If you are hanging on to things just because it has an emotional attachment, but you actually hate it, maybe it is time to donate it to charity or give it to freecycle.

They also have some good advice about creating a floor plan. When we were planning our flat (which we are still in the process of laying out!) we created a to scale drawing of our entire flat, then cut out to scale models of all the furniture we were planning to buy. That way we could see what fit, how we would lay it out, and how little room we really have to play with, all without spending a penny.

Then there are just pages and pages of inspiration – different styles for each part of the house, really useful tips, decorating tricks (one, to create a fake stair runner, is probably what P and I are going to do in our flat – with only 3 stairs it seems silly to spank a lot of money having a carpet fitted, but it looks too plain as it is currently (painted white) and looks dirty VERY quickly!), solutions for small spaces (something we really need) and lots more.

I also love the pieces from the contributing editors and others from the Domino team about how they did up their rooms – where their inspiration came from, what they did to create their perfect room, etc.

Overall I thought this was a great book – I get new ideas each time I open it and it has definitely influenced what we are doing with our flat. Well worth picking up.

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