Valentines Day Party for Single Girls

12 Feb

Pendant by Christy on Etsy

It’s almost impossible to escape Valentine’s Day but there’s no need to feel bad if you happen to be single. If your purse can’t stretch to a spa day or Sex and the City style cocktail night out why not plan a party at home for your girl friends.

Firstly, choose a film. You can either go down the romantic route and hope that cosmic ordering up your own Mr Darcy works, in which case I would suggest Bridget Jones, When Harry Met Sally or Pretty Woman. Or you can celebrate girl power and watch Thelma and Louise, Erin Brockovich or 9 to 5 with Dolly Parton.

Gather a pamper pack together including a face pack (you could make your own using the recipe in Queen of Crafts), a hair mask, some new nail varnish and a nice scented candle. I love the ones from Neom which have aromatherapy qualities. For some nail art inspiration have a look at my previous posts Marbled Nails and Newspaper Nails.

Make an Anti-Valentine’s Day cocktail –Punchbowl have a couple of suggestions – Cupid’s Broken Arrow and Love on the Rocks.

Split out all the party components and get everyone to bring something so it doesn’t break the bank. Put it all together and enjoy.

Finally, research has shown that laughing releases endorphins that make you feel better (and helps to combat stress) so after your girls film put on a comedy and have a chuckle!


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