Getting organised

17 Feb

By far the trickiest part about moving into our new flat has been trying to decide where everything should go. Whenever I look at design blogs or people’s houses on Pinterest, I always notice how neat and tidy everything is. Now, I know that if you are going to have your apartment shot for a popular blog, you’re going to want to tuck things away to make everything look prettier, but they just seem so… organised.

One of the quickest (and cheapest!) ways to make your things look better is to make it look organised. Sure, sometimes you see ‘messy but cool looking’ flats, but if you’re not a stylist and you try to replicate this look, chances are it will just look messy.

Looks great, but would never work in my flat. Via Uppercase Magazine

I have written about my organisation obsession before, but somehow it never seems to make it in to practice. Well, this is a late new year’s resolution – I will have a place for everything and everything will be in its place by June of this year. We’re still unpacking and picking up the odd bits of furniture, so I’m giving myself a little bit of time, but I am determined. I’ve already found a neat way of storing things like cling film and recycling bags under the sink, but I’ve countered this efficiency with overspilling grocery bags and Tupperware.

My stuff never looks like this. But it will! Via KevinandAmanda

The company I currently work for published this book, Banish Clutter Forever, a few years ago, so I have ordered myself a copy and am going to be working through the flat, room by room, until – by June – I will never have one of those “have you seen my masking tape/jewellery box/scissors/bills/etc” conversations again…

I don't think they have the "WHERE ARE THE NAIL CLIPPERS?" shouting up the stairs questions...

I’ll post updates in the coming months and post some before and after photos as well, so you can see my progress, but what I would love to know is – what are your tips? How do you keep organised? What blogs do you read? Any help or advice you can give me would be so appreciated!


2 Responses to “Getting organised”

  1. smallgingerdog 17/02/2012 at 11:16 am #

    Organise books/DVDs etc by colour. I’ve done it with my books and I always smile when I pass them – sad I know, little things and all that – but it really does make a bookshelf look so much more interesting.

    • Katie 17/02/2012 at 11:20 am #

      I love that…

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