Book review: A Girl’s Guide to Decorating

27 Mar

Abigail Ahern is an interior decorator and, I just found out by Googling, the star of a new show on Channel 4 which I will definitely watching on 4OD! She has a really cute blog and an online store (although that’s not the most user friendly site I’ve ever visited) AND she has just released a book, which I was lucky enough to get a copy of.

The great part about A Girl’s Guide to Decorating is that, as well as being full of inspirational pictures, there is also real, practical advice. One of the things I worried about when we moved into our new flat was that I wouldn’t be very good at the practical things. Painting I can do, but what about drilling holes and hammering stuff? That seemed way out of my grasp. I’ve learned through doing (after essentially being forced to help by P!)  that most stuff isn’t that hard, and this book is a great book for anyone who is worried about where to begin.

There are also really great ‘room analysis’ pages, where Abigail looks at why certain elements work in a room and what brings pieces together.

And there are some fun DIY pieces, including this, which I really want to try out – on how to make your own stair runner:

I will definitely be looking out for Abigail in the future! Looking forward to watching her show this week! Thanks to Quadrille for sending me a copy for review. You can pick the book up on Amazon here.


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