EAT: Black Bean Soup

9 Apr

If you ate as much chocolate as I did yesterday, chances are you are looking for something a little bit healthier to eat today. So look no further! This soup is full of health-giving ingredients, tastes delicious and costs less that £5 for four people.

The ingredients are all laid out above. Fry off the onion in the bottom of a large pot. Add around 2 litres of chicken or veg stock (we used fresh because we had some, but a stock cube would work just fine), then add in two sweet potatoes, cut into large chunks. Add a bit of coriander and half a teaspoon of cumin. Boil until the sweet potatoes are soft.

Meanwhile, fry off some chorizo and a couple of red peppers. Keep half of it aside and add the other half into the big pot.

Remove a few of the large pieces of now soft sweet potato and cut into small cubes. Keep aside with the chorizo you have saved.

Add a very large can (or two 400g cans) of drained black beans into the pot and blitz the whole thing with a stick blender.  Stir back in the chunks of sweet potato and chorizo and add salt and pepper to taste.

I like to serve this with sour cream and fresh coriander, with a quesadilla on the side, but it’s pretty substantial on its own. I also tend to add a big dollop of my favourite hot sauce to the bottom of my bowl and stir that in too. Delicious! It easily serves four.


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