EAT: Weekday salads

24 Apr

Every day at work, I try to take my lunch in. It saves a huge amount of money and is often better tasting and healthier than shop-bought food.

This might be leftovers or it might be something created from scratch. Since starting a new job a couple of months ago, which is further from home and starts earlier in the morning, I have found that I don’t have nearly as much time in the morning to sort out my lunch. So I’ve started making these amazing salads on a Sunday night. I made them in a big tub and then every day I scoop some out and add a bit of balsamic dressing or squeezed lemon, as well as whatever additional ingredients I fancy that day (or if I have leftover chicken or what have you from the night before, that goes in too). It’s remarkably tasty, really cheap and FULL of vitamins.

The base ingredients are:

– Two tins of beans, of any variety (I usually like lentils and cannelini, but last week I used cannelini and borlotti beans
– Around 8-10 cherry tomatoes, cut in half
– Whatever herbs we have left in the fridge from the previous weekend’s cooking (there are ALWAYS some of these)
– Pumpkin seeds or pine nuts

Oh it’s so good. Then, I have been known to add spinach, avocado, mackerel, chicken, artichockes, anchovies, cous cous, quinoa, leftover roasted vegetables – anything really! All the beans and seeds are really filling and the flexibility of it is great – it never tastes boring or samey.

What do you have for lunch every day? Do you take your own food in? What do you have? Let us know in the comments!


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