Visit: Crystal Palace Antiques

8 May

Yesterday Hannah and I took a trip out to Crystal Palace Antiques, just near the Crystal Palace bus station.

Having had two separate groups of people suggest it as a great place to check out, we had quite high expectations. And this four storey warehouse did not disappoint! It is full to the brim with antiques and design classics.

The basement is filled with lots of amazing 1950s and 60s furniture which wouldn’t look out of place on the Mad Men set.

And everywhere else was full of interesting and wonderful pieces that I would love to have at home.

Prices vary but overall they seemed to be quite reasonable. The more modern furniture seemed to be more expensive. I’m not sure whether this is because it was made by a well known furniture designer or just because it is so much more desirable these days. Very unique furniture was also, unsurprisingly, fairly pricey. But most things were only slightly more expensive than IKEA – certainly less expensive than somewhere like John Lewis or M&S for really well designed, well made furniture. Plus it is an absolute JOY to browse. Well worth the visit.

Crystal Palace Antiques is on Jasper Road, Crystal Palace. You can also follow them on Facebook.


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