Shoestring Splendour Magazine: Summer 2012

8 Jun

I am taking the Blogging Your Way course with Holly Becker, and one of the courses, with the wonderful Jeanette Lunde from By Fryd, was centred around creating your own e-mag. It can be a way of highlighting key content from the blog and showing it off in a different way, as well as being a way to learn a new skill – laying out pages.

I don’t have InDesign, and I thought that creating this would be a realy struggle, but Jeanette made a couple of recommendations for alternatives and one of them Page Plus, is absolutely brilliant! It is so easy to use. There is a limited free version, but I decided to splash out and upgrade to the full version. It cost £50 – FAR less than the Adobe software and with all the functionality that I need.  I really struggled with Scribus for my wedding invitations, and I have a few things coming up that I want to use it for, so I figured it was worth the expense.

So – after playing around with it for a day or so, I pulled the e-mag together and.. here it is!

We are thinking about putting one of these together every six months or so, and future issues with contain photography and content not featured on the blog. This first issue is a bit of a test so it’s very short, but I think it came together quite well!

What do you think? What kind of content would you be interested in seeing in the next one? Do you read any e-mags? Which ones and why do you love them? Let us know in the comments! We would love to hear from you.


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